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ECN 1313 2048 Escalator Elevator Traction Machine Encoders 38mm Rotary Absolute

It is suitable for automated measurement and automatic control system. it can measure angular displacement and placed speed. And can be measured values in circulation binaries or natural binaries to output
ECN 1313 2048 escalator elevator traction machine encoders 38mm rotary Absolute encoder



Position values/revolution

8192 (13 bits)

Electtically permissible speed/error

1500 rpm/±1 LSB
12 000 rpm/±50 LSB

Calculation time 
Clock frequency

9 µs
2MHz MHz

Incremental signals


Line count/system accuracy


Reference mark

Cutoff frequencu -3dB

400 kHz

Electrical connection
Via PCB connector


Voltage supply

DC 3.6V to 14V

Power consumption (maximum)

3.6 V:600 mW
14 V:
700 mW

Current consumption

5 V: 85 mA (typical, without load) 

Stator coupling

Plane-surface coupling


Taper shaft φ9.25mm;taper 1:10

Mech. permiss. speed n

2000 rpm

Starting torque

0.01 Nm(at 20)

Moment of inertia of rotor

2.6·10–6 kgm^2

Permissible axial motion of measured shaft

±1.5 mm

Radial runout of the measured shaft

0.13 mm

Vibration 55 Hz to 2000 Hz 
Shock 6 ms

300 m/s^2
2000 m/s^2

Operating temperature

–40 to +115

Protection EN 60 529

IP40 when mounted

Product Details:

The Absolute Encoder is an advanced rotary position sensor widely used in the industrial automation field. This encoder accurately measures the rotation angle of objects and provides precise position information, making it suitable for various control systems and applications.

Key Features:

  1. High-precision measurements: The Absolute Encoder offers high resolution and accuracy, enabling precise measurements of dimensions and angles, meeting the requirements of high-demand control applications.

  2. Absolute position feedback: Unlike incremental encoders, the Absolute Encoder provides absolute position feedback without requiring initialization. Even after power loss or restart, the system immediately obtains accurate position information.

  3. Multi-turn encoding: The Absolute Encoder supports multi-turn encoding, allowing accurate position measurement during continuous rotation. This is crucial for applications that require continuous rotation with precise positioning.

  4. Strong anti-interference capability: The Absolute Encoder adopts advanced anti-interference technology, effectively resisting external interferences and maintaining high-precision measurement performance.

  5. Multiple communication interfaces: The Absolute Encoder supports various communication interfaces including RS485, RS232, CAN, etc., facilitating integration with diverse control systems.


The Absolute Encoder finds extensive applications in industrial automation, robotics, automatic navigation systems, and more. Typical applications include motor control, position measurement, angle detection, etc.


  • Resolution: Optional, up to xxx bits
  • Operating Voltage: Standard xxx V
  • Output Signals: Digital pulse, analog signal, etc.
  • Protection Level: IP65
  • Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C


The Absolute Encoder is a high-precision and highly reliable rotary position sensor. Its absolute position feedback, multi-turn encoding, and robust anti-interference capability make it widely adopted in various control systems and applications. Whether it's motor control, position measurement, or angle detection, the Absolute Encoder can fulfill your requirements.

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